2020 – the few, the proud, the concert photos

post malone fans in a concert in montreal january 2020

I think everyone is repeating the same story… what a horrendous year 2020 has been on all facets of our lives. The confinement, the lost income, the closed businesses, an entertainment industry that is trying to pick up pieces to start again and total uncertainty about 2021.

That being said, 2020 has also been a time I got to spend with family, a notice that there are more important things in life than photo gear and music concerts. It has been a time for soul searching (because I frankly didnt have much else to do) both on a creative side and on a personal side.

It has been a time where my girlfriend has made way too much homemade bread, I cringed trying on my winter jacket to see if it could still zip up (yes, it did 🙂 ).

In a full calendar year, I typically photograph 150 from all genres, all styles, all stages. I’ve topped the 1800 bands covered in 10 years. 2020 has been a bit different. A grand total of 22 bands were photographed. This has also been the first year in a decade I do not photograph any of the Montreal festivals. It was a quiet summer for sure!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the year, in chronological order. From metal legends Korn, the insane punk presence of Refused, throw in some local talent like Clay & Friends in a packed Club Soda to The Damn Truth at a drive in during the summer, current chart topper Post Malone… and I even saw The Beaches twice!

Looking forward to some normalcy in 2021, whatever that has become and whatever it will be. Some consistency to allow our minds to rest and adapt to whatever our new reality will be. Stay safe, happy new year to everyone!

Most images photographed for iHeartradio Canada, CHOM FM and Virgin Radio.


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