Father John Misty | VM Corona Theatre | Montreal Concert Photographer


A man and his guitar.  That is sometimes all that is needed for a great night of music.  Folk singer Father John Misty was at Montreal’s VM Corona Theatre tonight on a solo tour.  A pretty intimate affair in front of a very loving audience.  The lighting was very simple, not much on stage other than the artist and a bottle of wine.  The floor was pretty packed with people, making it hard to move around and get a variety of shots, but then, how many different photos can you get of a single guy?

Here are a few previews, with the rest and full review coming up on Cornershop Studios





  1. Emily on October 18, 2013 at 09:48

    you didnt get a picture of the giant cutout iphone?? tisk tisk

    • Pierre on October 19, 2013 at 00:19

      He took that thing out at the 4th or 5th song. We had the typical “you can only shoot the first three song” restrictions 🙁